Seabook product launch

A restaurant named Punjabi Dost, which specialize in Punjabi dishes, employs 15 people to run their operations smoothly. They have POS to manage their inventory, sales and accounts, but they are using Excel to maintain the employees attendance and salary calculation. Earlier they used to maintain a book but later changed to an Excel sheet, it was okay to manage at first but as the work load increased they were finding it hard to maintain the advance salary, attendance and related details.

To help this issue we have a built an app called Seabook which maintains employee details, take attendance, calculate salary with a simple tap. We took care of the list of important features which are absolutely necessary to ease the work of maintaining attendance and salary management. We added manager mode, where a store owner can assign a person as manager with certain permissions to look after the store. This app can be used for any store which employs more than 5 people. As we progress, new features along with all the requested ones will be added. We sincerely hope to help all the store owners in simplifying the payroll management.

Looking forward to continuing building solutions for small businesses.